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J Brown Voice Jynelle Brown Voiceover
  • Professional Voiceover, Narration and Storytelling by a trained Voice Actor


  • Golden Girls, Romance, Comedy, Mystery, Thriller, and Sci-Fi Enthusiast

  • Proud Pet & Pup Mom


  • "...Passionately Curious Person" -- A. Einstein

You're in the right place if you are looking for a…


(what) I like

  • Producing, Performing, Storytelling, Reading and Narrating Audiobooks, Commercials, Meditations, IVR and more.

  • A Good Book to Read, Listen to, Refer to, Brag about, and Color in (on occasions).

  • Learning about the old/past and being Curious about the new/future.  History has a way of repeating itself, unless we take a second (or two) to learn from it. We learn best through experiences, repetition and knowledge passed on to us. Reading, Narrating, Storytelling, Performing & Sharing knowledge is my way of contributing.

when where why how


  • I utilize and optimize professional DAW and Equipment to bring you high quality results.

  • Why Not ?!

  • For many of us, when we were children, our imaginations would run wild.  The business & entrepreneurial bug bit me a little late, but bit me none-the-less.  I’m so glad it did, because it presents the perfect opportunity to bring my imagination, my curiosity, my life experiences and my appreciation to the forefront for you.


  • Now. Since I heard it’s the time to do it.

  • Home Studio

  • With my Sweet Pup & a Good Spot of Tea



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